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Announcement of changes to the all service prices start January 2021

Dear customers,

Thank you very much for all your patronage. I’ve been at Y’s nail in Bellevue for 10 years for next year. I have new information it was a hard decision but in order to make these improvements I have to increase all of my services. The reason is due to the rising of the rent and products fee from Japan.

Starting on January 2021, all of the service will increase by $5.

Once more,  sorry for the price increase and I appreciate your understanding and thank you for your business. Please check my website for more information at www.vagaro.com/ysnail

Thank you,

Ys nail   Yoko

Nail Swarovski
Nail Artist Yoko


Nail Artist Yoko

 I am offering the high quality of service with Japanese nail product and technology. I am looking forward to providing nail service to all of you.

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Nail Artist AYA

Washington State Licensed Manicurist

Swarovski® Certified Nail Artist

3D Nail Art by 3Dattacker Double180 design Certified Instructor

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My mission is absolutely "Customer Satisfaction". Feel free to consult with me to find the best nail for you.  I always focus on safety 1st, provide maximum comfort during services, and take the best nail care of my customer. if you're looking for "One of a Kind" nail design, our salon is the best choice, create your Celebrity Style with Swarovski® crystals Nail Art!



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